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Planning the Perfect Masquerade Prom

masquerade promYour senior prom should be one of the most memorable events of your senior year. Prom planning committees are always searching for an exciting, unique idea and a masquerade prom can be the perfect choice. Planning the perfect masquerade prom is easy once you decide on the true theme of your prom. When I say "theme" it encompasses a couple different concepts. You need to decide if your masquerade prom will be a Mardi Gras style prom, a mystical masquerade filled with intrigue or simply a decorative theme.

If you are giving a Mardi Gras Masquerade Prom then your color scheme is easy to determine. The official Mardi Gras colors are purple, green and gold. The colors represent justice (purple), faith (green) and power (gold). You can choose to utilize the symbolism behind the colors or simply use the colors themselves. Guests can be asked to incorporate the colors into their attire to create a more dramatic effect. Decoration ideas are plentiful when you choose to do a Mardi Gras masquerade prom. Feathers and beads are ever present at Mardi Gras celebrations so centerpieces can be created with feathers, beads and balloons in any variety of combinations. You can't go wrong with any sort of mask decorations and often the photo booth for those famous prom photos are created with purple, green and gold balloons and large masks as a backdrop. Any combination of the colors, masks, feathers and Mardi Gras beads will accentuate the theme and help to create the mood. Depending on budget you can purchase masks and beads to be given out as favors. It's often fun in this sort of theme to have dance contests where participants earn beads. (The beads for contests can be a little more elaborate than the favor beads.)

masquerade promA Mystical Masquerade Prom is and exciting way to end your senior year. Masquerade balls of the past were a popular way for members of elite society to mix and mingle in an atmosphere that protected them from the harsh rules of behavior they faced in their daily lives. It was thought that the anonymity of the masks placed everyone on an even playing field. The mystical masquerade prom theme calls upon the guests to help create the air of mystery by arriving in "costume". The definition of costume can be determined by each guest but everyone enters wearing a mask of their own choosing. We especially like the Masquerade Masks with Feathers as well as the Masquerade Masks On A Stick. The decor should have a magical mystique as well. Elegance, luxury and mystery are words to keep in mind when planning a mystical masquerade prom. With this theme you can use a variety of colors and possibly incorporate either your school colors or senior colors into the theme. Decorations would include large masks and balloons much like the Mardi Gras theme but the rest of the decor would follow a more elegant theme. Chandeliers and flickering candelabras help to create the mood for this theme. Instead of the typical Mardi Gras beads perhaps strands of clear crystal beads and draped shimming gossamer fabric can be used to facilitate the theme. A popular design theme here could incorporate a "Phantom of the Opera" sort of decor and color scheme. Colors would be black, white and red and large white masks, red roses and sparkling chandeliers would be a must. There are endless possibilities but the basis for this theme is guests arriving wearing their masks to begin the "ball".

You don't have to use either of these specific themes to plan your masquerade prom. Maybe you simply want to use the decor them of a masquerade for the backdrop and still keep with the school colors and not have guests actually wear masks. Masks and confetti can be scattered around on the tables and large masks can be used to decorate the surrounding area. You can choose to have some more intricate masks available at the photo booth for couples to choose from as they take their photos. Centerpieces can be created with balloons and glittery masks.

Planning a masquerade prom is fun and the memories made help to create the perfect end to your senior year.

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