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When you hear the term "masquerade" it typically evokes such images as Mardi Gras, Carnival processions and parades. An increasingly popular type of masquerade is emerging in the form of masquerade weddings. Some people scoff at the idea of a masquerade wedding envisioning the bawdy images of Mardi Gras parades and half-dressed Carnival parade dancers. I've even heard it said that masquerades are not meant to be at a wedding. We beg to differ.

In the 1300's masquerade balls were richly elaborate and elegant pageants meant to celebrate marriages as well as other major medieval court events. In fact, the first known masquerade wedding in history took place in 1393 to celebrate the marriage of a lady in waiting to the French Queen. These ostentatious costumed dances were reserved for those of high born status or royals. Masquerade weddings are part of history and not as farfetched as some might think.

masquerade wedding party imagePlanning a masquerade wedding is no more difficult than planning any other wedding. The first decision to be made is the overall atmosphere that you wish to create. If you and your groom are the more casual fun type then you might choose a Mardi Gras or Carnival style theme for your masquerade wedding. A more elegant and sophisticated take on the masquerade wedding theme would be one that encompassed a more formal attire and perhaps looked to the famous masquerade ball scene from Phantom of the Opera. No matter which style you choose there will still be some of the same decisions and choices to be made such as; location or venue, color scheme, decor, cake and wedding favors. Each choice will depend on the atmosphere you choose to create but make no mistake, Masquerade Oasis has the Masquerade Wedding Masks for you! Want to keep shopping? With over 500 different styles of Masquerade Masks, the hardest part will be selecting just the right ones for you and your wedding party.

Helpful Tips For Your Masquerade Wedding

Masquerade Wedding Location

The location you choose for your wedding and reception will in some ways determine the decor needed. If you plan to have your wedding outdoors then with or without the use of a tent it should be easy to create a lovely masquerade wedding setting. Use whatever your venue makes naturally available be it trees, shrubbery, flower gardens, porches etc. to create an atmosphere of fantasy with lighting and decor that matches your color scheme. If you are having an indoor celebration, the possibilities are endless. If your venue has pillars or cathedral ceilings then you have the perfect backdrop for your masquerade wedding. If not, bring in pillars or find creative ways to bring your fantasy to life.

masquerade wedding favors imageMasquerade wedding colors should be chosen from vibrant jewel tones.

Masquerade Wedding Colors

Purples and golds bring thoughts of royalty to mind as well as deep ruby red and royal blue. If you choose to embrace color then by all means use all of the jewel tones and be sure to have plenty of gold or silver. A more elegant look might be to choose one particular color and accent with silver or gold as well. Some brides have asked how to deal with bringing the color scheme through to the wedding party. In a masquerade wedding where the colors were royal blue and gold the wedding party might wear royal blue gowns and gold masks. Masks could be worn or made a part of the bouquets. The bride and groom could wear royal blue accent with the bride wearing a royal blue peacock sash or a bouquet with the colors added in. A masquerade wedding might entail masks for the bride and groom and those could be the color tie in as well.

Masquerade Wedding Decor

The decor for a masquerade wedding could encompass a wide variety of ideas. Peacock feathers are already quite popular in centerpieces and would make the perfect choice for a masquerade wedding. For a more elegant affair the use of candelabras and a variety of candles and chandeliers should do the trick. For a more casual affair tons of tiny lights and balloons will help to create a carnival atmosphere. Velvet or damask curtains and linens will help to create an atmosphere of sophisticated elegance. Pearls, shiny crystals and sparkly masks can be added to create beautiful centerpieces. The wedding cake can be simple and elegant or full of flair with peacock feathers, strands of pearls or sparkly masks in place of floral decoration. It all depends on the vision the bride has in mind for her masquerade wedding day.

Masquerade Wedding Favors

Wedding favors for a masquerade wedding can be as easy as a mask at each place setting for the guests to wear. A formal black tie affair with each guest given a mask in your color scheme can create a lovely scene and make wedding favors and easy decision. A more casual choice could be keepsake mardi gras style beads with the names of the bride and groom and wedding date or a peacock feather pen set.

Masquerade weddings are becoming increasingly popular and the concept can easily transform into a casual fun setting or a sophisticated, elegant affair. The possibilities are endless.

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